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Grace in Grief: A 100-Day Journey Exploring God's Tender Response to Loss

  • Are you wrestling with your faith amidst profound loss?

  • Do you find yourself adrift in heavy sorrow, unsure of where God is in your pain?

Grace in Grief offers solace and understanding, addressing the heart-wrenching questions that arise in times of trial.

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"Knowing Mark and Tina for many years, walking this journey with them, so many words paint a picture of their lives together with Abba Father by their side. Tina’s devotional on God’s great grace in the grief of a human soul covers all of her journey as she shares the wisdom Abba Father has given her with every step she has taken. Grace in Grief is a raw, real, joyful, heartfelt revelation devotional that can help lead to an inspiring beautiful place in Abba’s love and restoration."

— Mark Bagwell, President, Shade Tree Ministry


Tina, a devoted mother of four exceptional children and a widow, spent 25 ½ years in a deeply cherished marriage to a man whose love for God and family knew no bounds. Their journey together, marked by love, loss, and unwavering faith, serves as a testament to the goodness and faithfulness of God.

In every chapter of her life, Tina has witnessed the hand of an Involved, Loving, Present God who lavishes His blessings upon His children, even in the midst of trials.

Through her words, she invites readers to experience the grace and presence of our Heavenly Father, regardless of the circumstances they may be facing.

Tina's hope is that as you journey through her story, your faith will be strengthened, your resolve to live out your faith deepened, and your heart uplifted by the boundless love of Abba Father.

The Author: Tina Akridge

May you join her in celebrating and absorbing His grace together, finding strength and courage for whatever path lies ahead.. 

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BONUSES: A Gift For You

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Grace in Grief: A 100-Day Journey Exploring God's Tender Response to Loss

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