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Considering God

Do we consider God in our everyday? In our future, our trials, our celebrations? The definition of the word consider is simple; to think carefully about, typically before making a decision; or to be drawn towards someone or something. Hmm. When was the last time you thought carefully about God before making a decision? Or when have you last welcomed the invitation of His Spirit to draw close to the Almighty?

We forget His heart is toward us. We forget we are the “apple of His eye” (Psalm 17:8) and that He “is mighty to save.”(Zephaniah 3:17)

We forget God.

Life gets busy. Stuff happens. Decisions are thrown at us. We handle it. We fix it. We move on. But where is God in all of that? Do we consider Him anymore?

In Nehemiah, we find the Israelites coming out of exile. Why? Because they ignored God, disobeyed the rules given to protect them, and did their own thing. But the book of Nehemiah records their return to Jerusalem and to their God. They recognize their sin and rejection of God and His ways and proclaim that, as a nation, they will remember God and intentionally consider Him in their everyday lives. They do as He has obeyed, repent, fast, and pray, and in chapter 11, we see them honoring their word, getting organized, and electing officials to help them consider God and His ways again. They recommit their lives to their God, the only Savior of Israel (Isaiah 43).

I know we look down our noses at these poor, unfaithful people, who keep turning from God, and whom God keeps saving. In fact, the book of Nehemiah ends with God’s people disappointing Him yet again. We cringe or roll our eyes, but we may be a lot more like them than we care to admit. We, too, forget God.

So now what? Once we see the lack of consideration of God in our everyday lives, what can we do?

Remember. God has redeemed us, rescued, healed, restored, and been with us through it all. Remember who He is, our Savior, Creator God.

Repent. Admit the sin of self-reliance and forgetting God in your life.

Receive. Receive His forgiveness and reconcile with Him. He longs for that. He sent His Son to die so that we could reunite with Him!

Taking these steps puts us in right relationship with God. It clears the path so we can get back to what we were meant to do; Consider God. In everything we do. In all our decisions. In our sorrow, joy, and mundane. In our lack and abundance. Consider the One who sent His Son to save us.

Consider the One who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere at all times. Consider the One who provides, protects, rescues, and redeems us.

He loves us. He loves to draw into us and to be involved in our every moment. Take today and sit in the presence of the Almighty.

Consider what He says in His word.

Consider who He is and who we are. And sit in His love and counsel.

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