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Letting the Son In!

Last week I spent some time in the sun. Awww... refreshing. It's hard for me to explain all the sun does for me. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Rejuvenating.

Some of my family members disagree with me, but I will take the heat of the sun over being cold any day of the year. I can never get enough sun!

One morning, as I was mesmerized by Abba's generosity in His faithful act of placing the sun in its place, I was drawn specifically to His Word. This is not unusual, as His breathtaking nature usually draws me into His presence, and into His Word. He led me to a passage I have read too many times to count. This morning, however, in this setting, Abba opened my eyes to how consistent His message of hope, peace, salvation, nearness, and availability is to anyone who will open His Word and soak up His promises. He led me through this familiar portion of His Word, and connected it together, old testament and new, as I felt the sun's warmth and His smile through His life-giving Word.

Psalm 24 comes right after the Shepherd's Psalm of guidance, comfort, and provision. With intention, I believe. Look at this!

This next psalm is rich in invitation to enter in, be cleansed of sin, and rest in His presence. Here, Father God invites us to let the Son in.

After surrendering to the Great Shephard, and receiving His green pastures and waters of rest, Psalm 24 sets our minds on the One who owns the earth and everything in it. He is worthy! He is holy! He is the One True God.

So, how can I get near to the Almighty? How could my unclean heart even look towards Him? With clean hands and a pure heart (Ps 24:4), but here's the glorious truth. He does this for us.

David prays vulnerably that God will forgive his transgressions, both the known and the unknown. Psalm 19:12-13 address the presumptuous sins we commit and the "hidden faults" we may not be aware of. He covers it all. He forgives it all. This psalm paints a deeper picture of His compassionate reach. "Lift up your heads, o gates! And be lifted up, o ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in." (Psalm 24:7)

Do you see it? There is no hesitation here.

Open up! The King of glory is coming!

It's His heart to meet us in our lack; in our need for a Savior.

He saves. He enters into our life. It's who He is.

And not only does He show up, but He cleanses, and makes us righteous and worthy. There is nothing. in here to validate the wrong thinking that we have to clean up before He will join us.

He comes into our mess. O praise Him!

1 John 1:9 announces victoriously "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." This verse again addresses both His willingness and the known and unknown sin. He is waiting, the only One equipped to cleanse and make us righteous. And He is willing to show us our sin, take it from us, and be with us in intimate relationship.


Because He loves us.


It's who He is.

When we are willing to humble ourselves, ask Abba to show us our sin, and surrender it to Him, He takes care of it all.

I would be remiss to not point out that He battles for us. Verse 8 says He is mighty in battle. Sin does not loose its grip easily,

but it will submit to Almighty God.

He wins all His battles.

Today, will you trust Him with your struggles?

Will you put yourself in a position of repentance?

If you are willing, He is waiting, the Only One able to cleanse you, heal you, and set you free.

It's His heart's desire. Let Him love you. Enjoy His forgiveness, warmth, healing, salvation, and generosity!

Let the Son in!

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