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Navigating the leave and cleave process

Ever give much thought to the command by God to "leave and cleave" when it comes to your children getting married?

Some of you are a long way off, some are facing this in the near future, and some of you have already walked this with your young adults.

Check out my quick video and then read the article I wrote for Christian Parenting on this very topic.

God wants us to be properly positioned, to know Whom our identity is in, and to see this process through His eyes so we can stand in grace, receive His blessings and be the blessing He has called us to be!

Watch the video below, then click the link to read my article!

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Kelly Sullivan
Kelly Sullivan
Oct 02, 2022

Tina, this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! Taryn has met her future husband, and it's such an exciting but bittersweet journey. I'll listen carefully for God's words to me as our family walks down this path and gains a son.

Oct 20, 2022
Replying to

Kelly, it is crucial in laying the foundation for your relationship with your kids' spouses. Imagine gaining a son, instead of dreading his arrival. He feels he's loved and welcomed. And Taryn is blessed in this approach too! Win! Win! Win! Thanks for sharing!

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