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Summertime Sabbath

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Lazy sunny days, no set bedtime, a carefree pace.

It's Summer! More time with friends and family. Less hectic schedules. It's a time to relax, reset, and slow down. But sometimes this new pace can fill up with busyness.

Maybe you've grown accustomed to the “Busy Bee” mentality. Where you think that the busier a person is, the more important they are, or more accomplished, or better at life they might be.

This mentality can leave you drained and thinking you're lacking in some way. But God has built-in times of rest for you. As a human, your body needs rest. Your mind.

Your spirits also need rest. Remember that piece of yourself! And summertime seems to be made for extra rest.

The word Sabbath means rest. You don’t have to look far to see the need for it. And you don't need to look far to discover opportunities God gives you for rest. You see the beautiful sunrise each morning, announcing the beginning of a day and the faithfulness of your Creator.

We each relish in His new mercies every morning, but as the day moves on, we tire. As the sun sets, we start to wind down, with supper, slower activities, and thoughts, as our bodies prepare for a reset time to rejuvenate.

I love thinking of how God triggers melatonin to be released into our system, to quietly bring us to a position of sleep.

Studies show how crucial quality rest is for your body, as the subconscious mind processes, the heart rate relaxes, and cells are reproduced. All of this happens during time given by God to you to rest each day.

There are the different seasons too, which show us how nature rests, resets, and rejuvenates every year.

The Sabbath is another built-in, God-given time of rest. It first came to be when God created the earth and everything in it. In six days, He created all that has life in it. He carefully formulated this fragile earth, our fragile bodies, and all the animals and plants, which all work together synergistically to provide everything we need to live on this planet; earth and oxygen, food and water, light and darkness, responsibility, and relationships. What a generous God!

On the seventh day, God rested. God is not man, that He needs anything. Not even rest. So why did He take the seventh day to do just that?

One sure idea is that He chose to rest as an example to all of us, showing us the great need and value available to us in rest.

Yet, as I look at a random wildflower bed by the side of the road, or watch ants gather food and create safety for themselves, could it be that maybe God, in His wisdom, took a day to admire His work? I’m going to propose that He did.

What if you also took a day to admire His handiwork? In nature all around you. In His intricate detail of perfectly placing this earth on its axis. And don't forget to admire His perfect plan for the ones made in His image. Praise Him “because we are fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14).

Maybe this view of the Sabbath will silence the “Busy Bee” mentality within you. Maybe it will usher in awe and wonder, praise and exaltation, peace and quiet within your heart, mind, and body.

Maybe looking at the Sabbath this summer as a time to intentionally worship the God you serve and to celebrate His creativity would give you true rest.

Maybe then it can be a Summertime Sabbath.

Enjoy His creation, all living things, and rest this summer.

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