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The earth where Jesus walked.

I had the rare and amazing opportunity to go to Israel and to walk where my Savior was brought into this earth, wrapped in flesh, where He lived, grew up, made

friends, did chores, obeyed his earthly parents, shopped, played, taught at the southern steps...where Jesus walked. And it moved me. It peeled back a little bit more of the veil that clouds the human vision while we are on this earth, in these bodies. I was speechless the entire trip. I brought my laptop, notebooks, and pens, all with the thought that I would be "inspired" to write eloquently about all I experienced there. Instead, I found myself without words. It was as if God simply shushed me and opened my eyes. I found myself at the end of each day quieted in my spirit while my mind just froze, trying to process it all; the sights, smells, noises, and brilliant colors of all walks of life. The historical, geographical, political, spiritual, and emotional layers of this experience have brought me to a standstill, and I am without the ability to communicate properly.

People ask, "How was your trip?" and I just stare awkwardly at them. Not wanting to belittle one moment of the experience, yet understanding I must tell them. They need to know.

I have felt this way once before, without words. And Abba Father, in His great mercy, put words into my mind, and I put them on the page. He will do the same this time, and I will obey Him

and write. But for now, let me share a few of the views my eyes soaked in on this wonderful and life-changing trip.

May I say this,

If you've ever thought, "One day, I'd like to go to Israel." Go. Make it happen.

And may I also say don't wait until you retire.

Go now. Save your money. Make it a priority. Find a resourceful and knowledgeable guide (I highly highly recommend Mark & Sheila Bagwell and their travel group, Friends Tours and Travel. Unbelievably professional and experienced!) And go!

I've heard it said, and you have too, you won't look at scripture the same way once you've experienced Israel. I can't express how but it is powerfully true.

I see a bit more clearly now that I have walked the earth where Jesus walked. More to come...

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