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Hi, Friend! I'm Tina, a believer, a mother, and a widow sharing my grief journey with you.

This is the place to find support you in your grief. I have uncovered the true nature of my Father while learning to lean on Him. I will share how I grew after my husband's cancer diagnosis, and since the time he went home to His Father.

You will understand
your grief more fully ...

                           And discover the bigger
                           picture, with His grace ...

On the blog, you'll find ...

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A bit more of my story...

My Father has seen me through ALL my grief, and my family's.

When I married my husband Mark, we never knew we would receive the terrifying Sarcoma diagnosis for him years later.

My children and I have dealt with the ripple effects of cancer that you never consider until you are forced to.

After eight years of faithfully battling the cancer, Mark passed.

I have walked through addiction with our son, the effects of trauma on each of our children, and the reality of losing my beloved companion.

Through it all, my Lord and Savior has remained faithful. He has become my healer, rescuer, provider, protector, and friend!

His promises have been tested and proved in my family’s life. Abba Father has displayed His faithfulness and goodness for all who have watched us grow!

Join me as I continue to learn and grow and accept my Father’s will more fully.

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