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Rainy Day Refreshment

Summer ushers in hot, sweaty days filled with sun and fun. It allows outdoor activities to crowd your schedule. You feel compressed heat as you open hot cars. You hop in, feeling the sting of the steamy fabric.

Sunglasses cover your eyes from the glaring brightness of the sun. Then a cloud shows up, and instant shade provides a respite from the intense heat.

The thick cloud shields your eyes and gives all under its shade a momentary break. Then the cloud drops a steady, refreshing downpour. Instantly, temperatures slide downward. Everything gets coated in a soothing, cool rain. Maybe some thunder. A flash of lightning. And everything just seems to calm down.

This makes me think of the refreshing presence of Abba Father. At any point in the day, I can have a shelter of shade from the heat of activities, emotions, or just busyness.

He is waiting beside you, arms open. A respite for you to step into and feel His unconditional love. He nudges you to receive His thoughts, His views of what’s happening in your day. He whispers His wisdom into the situations you are contemplating at that moment.

His energy to keep standing strong in Him fills your heart.

As you pause from activity and press into His shade, you can feel a calmness wash over your mind. The comfort of His presence. His love revives you and reminds you that you are His treasure.

Isaiah 43:4 says He loves us and that we are honored and precious in His eyes! That He is with us through the heat of the day. He refreshes our soul and reminds us of His abundant power available to us in every situation (Isaiah 44:3 ESV).

Like the sudden rainfall in the middle of a hot, sweaty, sunny day, intentional time spent with your Savior refreshes, ushers in calm, renews hope, and provides shade. And a hiding place from the intensity of the day (Psalm 32:7).

His word tells you repeatedly that He will never leave or forsake you (Dte.31:6, Hebrews 13:5, Phil. 4:19). He tells you that if we need wisdom, you are to ask Him, and He will give it freely (James1:5)!

He reminds you that you are not alone, and He equips you every day to do good works. Works He prepared in advance for you to do (Ephesians 2:10). Together. With Him.

The next time you notice a break on a sunny day and raindrops filling your windows, use that time to step into the shade of your Savior. Get refreshed.

Rejuvenate your spirit in the presence of the One who controls the weather and your heart. He will supply all you need in that moment, for that day. Oh! How He loves us so!


Tina Akridgehas walked through loss, and grief after losing her husband who fought cancer for eight years. She learned how to lean on God, and hopes to hold the hand of those who are going through their own loss, offering compassion to them, and helping them turn to God's promises.

Tina's writing will be a friend in those dark places, and show you where to find more peace in your life.

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