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Spending Time with Abba; An intentional practice that brings us life and balance.

So many things vie for your time. Daily practices can crowd your calendar and rob you of your peace.

Exercise, cleaning, finances, relationships, self-discipline. All of these are necessities. But what can you do to go about each day intentionally and clearly? How do you prioritize all these things in your everyday life? It’s a difficult task, yet it matters how you address these things every day. The good news is that you have help; an example lived out loud that you can follow. Take a look at how Christ did it.

Jesus lived roughly thirty-three years on this earth. He was all God and yet, all human as well. This concept is hard to wrap a limited mind around, but it’s true. His Word tells you so. (John 1:24, 1Tim. 2:5, Col. 2:9, Col. 1:19).

It is also clear that Jesus can relate to a demanding schedule, balancing His work, friendships, and physical demands, keeping His Spirit in step, and submitting to His Father’s plans.

The crowds followed Him everywhere He went. So much was demanded of Him as He showed His power and authority to those around Him. Even His family and disciples vied for His time.

Sound familiar? He is acquainted with these demands and the thoughts and emotions surrounding them. So what did He do while on this earth? What is the example He set?

You can see Jesus displaying the fruits of the Spirit while patiently guiding, breaking down, teaching…reteaching, and encouraging His disciples. He stayed focused during His three year ministry. You can see Him answering His mother’s request for help at a wedding (John 2:3-5). You can see Him deny His family when time with them was meant to distract Him from speaking and teaching the hard truth to the crowds (Matthew 12:46-48).

Jesus had compassion on the multitudes, even when He was exhausted or hungry (Matthew 9:36 and 15:32). But what is easily missed in scanning the Bible, is His intentionality in prioritizing His time alone with The Father.

The Gospels are full of instances when Jesus intentionally went to be alone with His Father (Mark 1:35 and 6:46, Luke 6:12, Luke 9:18,9:28, and 11:1). Christ is familiar with the enemy's tactics to deter mankind in this intentional time with God.

Even Christ's time set aside to purposefully be with the Father was interrupted by the enemy (Matthew 4:1-11). Satan knows how intentional time with The Father damages his plan to distract, devalue, and destroy the One who would save the world.

Yet, what did Jesus do in those times? He went to the Father, focused on His Word, and surrendered His desires, time, and thoughts. He surrendered the battle with the enemy to His Father.

It’s in that intentional surrender we find our strength. In this set-aside time, we gain the wisdom to know where our time is best spent, how to balance all the demands life throws at us, and see His peace for our minds, bodies, and spirits. God has provided the recorded life of Christ as a guide to help us accomplish what we were created to do.

Some may sigh, “But Tina, He was also all God, and we’re not. How do we do this?”

In His strength. Remember?

Christ sent His Holy Spirit to be with you, to be here on earth, beside you, within you. So that you would have His ever-present help! He prepared for you to have help knowing He was leaving to return to The Father.

He knew what was about to happen. He was leaving this earth to take back all authority from the enemy and sit at the Father’s right hand once again. But He didn’t leave you stranded, ill-equipped, or defeated. You have His Spirit with you.

He helps you by nudging, correcting, bringing things to light, encouraging your spirit, whispering truth to your heart and mind. And urging you to spend intentional time with your Lord and Savior to replenish, refresh, unload, and refocus.

You can accomplish all He put you on this earth to do. You can reflect His image to your children, spouse, co-workers, and neighbors.

He knew you would need help. He knows all the distractions and the tactics of the enemy. And He provided for you sufficiently. You only need to ask, emulate, and receive.

Intentional time with your Abba Father is what you need to be able to balance the rest of life. And you have help doing this. “Ask, and you shall receive, and your joy will be complete” (John 16:24).

Let’s start following Christ's example, steal away with Heavenly Father, and gain all we need to do this life well. In His strength and by His Spirit.


Tina Akridge has walked through loss, and grief after losing her husband who fought cancer for eight years. She learned how to lean on God, and hopes to hold the hand of those who are going through their own loss, offering compassion to them, and helping them turn to God's promises.

Tina's writing will be a friend in those dark places, and show you where to find more peace in your life.

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